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Our experienced team is ready to meet all your mechanical and electrical engineering needs. MBSP Consulting are experts in the design and quality supervision of the core mechanical services associated with buildings. This includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water services and sprinkler systems in commercial buildings. We also have expertise in the design of steam, gas and high purity water systems in industrial, production and healthcare facilities. In order to reduce water consumption in buildings we have incorporated rainwater harvesting and can provide solutions that involve the use of private water sources with water treatment, greywater schemes and other water conservation measures.

The single greatest change to the design of mechanical services systems has been brought about by the requirement to reduce building energy consumption and carbon emissions. This calls for a more detailed design process and early interaction with the architect to maximise the design potential of the building. We carry out our design processes in line with these strategies.

We also offer you the most accurate solutions by working with our partner companies in the design of electrical services.

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