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Project Management

Although it is not possible to separate BIM and project management in the construction industry, applying the current international BIM standard published by BSI (British Standards Institution) to your projects helps you have enormous benefits in all areas of construction. As MBSP Consulting, we follow BIM and project management standards and apply them to our projects according to employer demands. Here are some advantages that can highlight the importance of project management and its usefulness in the BIM process:

✓ Improved communication and collaboration; compared to classic methods with these processes you can communicate and collaborate with your team more easily, also improving the final result. This is also possible thanks to the different tools that allow you to view the changes made in real-time;

✓ Decrease in construction costs; wastage due to errors can be eliminated during the design phase, which are generally identified only during the execution phase. This entails a reduction in the materials used and, therefore, in the costs associated with them;

✓ Complete visualization of the project; all actors can see the complete model in all its parts (architectural, structural, MEP, etc.) so as to obtain an overview already before the complete execution of the work;

✓ Increase in productivity; with the project management processes integrated into the BIM, each actor involved is well aware of what to do, delivery times, operating methods, etc., so as to obtain better results;

✓ Efficiently planned activities; the organisation of work is optimised by the planning of the various activities;

✓ Collision detection; any interference (overlap between window and pillar) is easily identified thanks to the federation of models of the various disciplines (architectural, structural, MEP);

✓ Integration of all dimensions of the BIM; the model is not only used for its geometric characteristics (3D) but also for the organization of times (4D), for cost analysis (5D), etc.

✓ Reduced delivery times; all processes are optimised, obtaining, as a positive effect, the reduction of the preparation times of the documents;

✓ Increasing project quality; the better organisation of work (both in the decision-making phase and in the executive phase) also leads to more structured models and, therefore, easier to manage;

✓ Immediate availability of information models; models are always available thanks to the use of cloud tools, unlike classic methods where more or less time is required;

✓ No duplicate files; models are “unique”. In this kind of workflow, files may have different versions available for viewing and that can be accessed when necessary;

✓ Better management by the project manager; models are organized according to what has been said so far, this means easier reading and, therefore, a more accurate careful review of content.

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