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Developing Custom Plugins​

As MBSP, we develop custom plugins on the Autodesk Revit platform. Our unique software solutions differ from off-the-shelf software as they are tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our software solutions are designed to address industry-specific or enterprise needs. Our goal is to optimize your workflows, increase your productivity and revenue by providing the functionality you need, while also favoring sustainable methods.

Our perspective on the usage purposes and user base of our plugins can be summarized as follows:

✓ Architects and engineers involved in the design process can manage their designs, meet technical requirements, and enhance their productivity using our plugins. Additionally, our plugins save time compared to traditional methods, ensure the sustainability of generated information, and support the preparation of technical specifications.

✓ It is recommended to utilize our plugins to establish compatibility with the operational systems of all companies equipped with ERP systems. This enables optimization of your business processes, ensures data integration, and facilitates efficient reporting and analysis.

✓ Stakeholders such as investors, consultants, and contractors can utilize our plugins for project tracking, design verification, monitoring and verification of project and construction during the implementation phase, management of tender processes, and tracking and management of RFI (Request for Information) forms. Moreover, you can perform tasks such as project quality control and compliance with occupational health and safety standards.

✓ Our plugins enable effective management throughout all stages of the project (verification of project files, preparation of proposals, coordination, stakeholder tracking and management, time and cost management, procurement process, planning, preparation and management of quality control stages, warehouse management, team management, RFI tracking and management, etc.).

✓ Our plugins are prepared to meet all technical requirements specific to the manufacturer. Manufacturers should provide technical support at each stage and ensure the sustainability of this support for the project. Technical support should benefit both the manufacturer and the project, and by providing precise and usable information, it contributes to the successful progress of the project.

✓ Facility management offers an approach that focuses on user comfort and long-term maintenance goals by transferring tasks to the BIM intelligent system. Equipped with easily accessible data and models, our plugins enhance facility management by minimizing information gaps.

Our team consists of experienced engineers, architects, and managers who specialize in software development and the construction industry. We possess knowledge and expertise in various types of structures in the construction industry, including infrastructure, superstructures, industrial facilities, rail systems, bridges, and factories. As a result, our plugins are not limited to theoretical or digital realms, but they are also practical and offer tangible benefits. We actively contribute to your success by providing noticeable improvements in your projects, enhancing efficiency, and actively assisting you in achieving your goals.

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